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The Game

Rebirth is a third-person action game that you play as a nameless amnesiac warrior in a deserted world. To find out what happened in these dead lands you'll have to fight enemies and explore this universe...

This is a 3rd year Bachelor student game made for the end of the degree at LISAA.

The Controls

Please note that you need a good PC to run Rebirth . The game is only playable with a controller and designed with the Xbox Controller in mind!

Core Team

Joris Balzanelli (Co-Lead, VFX, Environment 3D)

Abdelkarim Guessous (Concept art, Environment 3D)

Albe Marini (Script, Game design, Integration)

Hobraian Lopes  (Environment 3D)

Marine Monnier (Concept art, Animation 2D, Production 2D)

Matthieu Bergé (Rigging Skinning)

Elliot Baduel  (Animation 3D)

Benoit Toutous  (Animation 3D)

Kyllian Peches (Co-Lead, Character 3D, Environment 3D)

Additional Help

Michael Fontaine (Script , Integration) 

Lauriana La Cara (3D Environment)


Rebirth_Build.zip 567 MB


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With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!